The 5 Best Tree Stand Harness: Stay Safe While Hunting

Best Hunting Safety Harness

The best hunting safety harness is an important companion during hunting trips.

After all, your safety when you’re out in nature is something you should always prioritize. Whether you’re someone new to hunting outdoors or a seasoned veteran who has bagged more than a few bucks over the years, it is always best to err on the side of caution by using safety equipment.

The tree stand harness has a very simple role to play. If you’re going to be up in the trees while scouting potential targets, you should have equipment that can help prevent you from falling. By attaching to a tree stand, the harness can help prevent an unfortunate fall.

This article will highlight some of the best harnesses the market currently has to offer. To go along with that, you can also pick up tips on how to choose a tree stand harness for yourself.

Please read on to learn more about tree stand harnesses and what they can do for you.

List of Top 5 Tree Stand Harness Review

#ImageTree Stand Safety HarnessPrice
#1TREE SPIDER Speed HarnessTREE SPIDER Speed Harness$$
#2Hunter Safety System UltraLite Flex HarnessHunter Safety System UltraLite Flex Harness$$
#3Muddy Diamondback HarnessMuddy Diamondback Harness$
#4BIG GAME Ez-On Basic Safety HarnessBIG GAME Ez-On Basic Safety Harness$
#5Hunter Safety System Treestalker Safety HarnessHunter Safety System Treestalker Safety Harness$$

TREE SPIDER Speed Harness

It’s always a good thing when manufacturers go out of their way to include numerous cutting edge features in their product offerings. Clearly, that was the approach the manufacturers of this particular tree stand harness took.

For starters, the makers of this harness have installed an Ario Mesh back that works together with a specialized X-Web Fit feature. Those two features work in unison to provide you with improved mobility. You should be able to enjoy a wide range of movement even as this harness stays glued to your body.

Easy adjustments are possible while using this harness. The chest adjustment strap that comes with a YKK buckle is rugged and can hold up with no problem to numerous uses. The shoulder and leg straps are equipped with Venom buckles that are similarly capable of holding up over an extended period of time.

The tether that is used along with this harness possesses shock-absorbing qualities. In the event that something unexpected does take place, you can count on the tether keeping you safe. Vertical climbing loops are also present on this harness to aid you further.

A bunch of useful accessories have also been bundled together with this harness. One notable issue that you will encounter when using this harness is its weight. Keeping it on for a long time while you’re waiting for some deer to pass by can be tiring. Prepare for that if you’re planning to use this harness.

  • YKK buckle used for the chest adjustment strap
  • Venom buckles provided are extra durable
  • Vertical climbing loops included
  • Heavier compared to many other harnesses

Hunter Safety System UltraLite Flex Harness

Blending in with your surroundings is incredibly important when you’re going hunting. That holds true even if you’re staking out a spot high off the ground.

When it comes to remaining camouflaged, this harness from Hunter Safety System will help you out immensely. It works especially well during the fall when the leaves start to take on a different color. As long as you pair it with similar-looking gear, you should be able to disguise yourself easily and keep yourself hidden from your potential prey.

The makers of this harness also did something smart with regards to the straps and buckles included. They are all kept closely positioned to your body. That design choice eliminates any chance that you’ll get stuck on some branches while you’re waiting.

A mesh pocket that can hold your smartphone as you’re hanging out is a nice addition as well. The shock-absorbing bungee tether included with this harness will work to protect you.

Examples of comfort-focused features included are additional pads. The waist buckle installed on this harness will also lighten the load placed on your body.

This is also a remarkably lightweight harness that will not get in your way during your hunt. You can keep wearing it all throughout your hunting excursion.

Disappointingly, the accessories included with this harness are not that great. You don’t even get a carabiner along with it. If you’re willing to spend money on additional accessories along with this harness, it should prove to be a good purchase for you.

  • Can keep you hidden well outdoors
  • Straps and buckles do not hang out
  • Waist buckles ease the amount of weight you need to bear
  • Very light tree stand harness
  • Included accessories are not of high quality

Muddy Diamondback Harness

Loading up on features is often a good move for the makers of safety gear. Even if an included feature is not something you’ll use often, it’s still nice to have it around for that one time when you might actually need it.

To make this harness as comprehensive as possible, the manufacturers included numerous features that are useful for varied reasons. The silencer sleeves allow you to move around without disturbing much of your surroundings while the gear hooks and accessory loops are going to help you carry more pieces of equipment as you’re making your way up to your stakeout point.

You’re even getting a handy clip for your binoculars as well as a quick-set carabiner clip. Once again, you’ll find a shock-absorbing bungee tether connected to this hunting harness, and that’s always a welcome addition.

The manufacturers have also thrown in a lineman’s climbing rope for you to use during your trips up the trees.

Comfort is where this tree stand harness can be a bit hit or miss.

While yes, the mesh and no-tangle mechanics implemented in the design of this harness will make it easier for you to remain comfortable, there’s an issue related to some of the straps.

The straps that are designed to fit over your legs do not come with padding. They can grow very uncomfortable to deal with. You may need to wear extra thick pants or add the padding yourself to fix that problem.

  • Accessories included help you carry varied items
  • Harness minimizes the amount of noise you make
  • Lightweight harness that does not hamper your movement
  • Straps for the legs do not feature padding

BIG GAME Ez-On Basic Safety Harness

You don’t want your attention divided while you’re in the middle of a hunt. Important things can transpire within mere moments and if you’re not fully locked in, you can miss your best opportunity to take your shot.

For those who just want a no-fuss tree stand harness that will get the job done consistently, this item should be a good purchase. As its name suggests, it is indeed very easy to put on. You don’t have to spend much time thinking about it.

Accessibility is not the only thing this harness excels in. The shoulder straps are padded and they provide you with the type of comfort you need when you’re patiently waiting for a target to fire at. If you feel the harness tightening around your legs, the quick-release buckles will provide immediate relief.

Additional accessories packaged together with this harness include a tree belt, a lineman’s belt, and an SRD strap.

There’s really nothing to complain about in terms of how this harness performs. It’s strong and lightweight while also possessing the qualities that make up a comfortable hunting harness.

The real problem with it is that it’s a bare-bones offering. If you already have a bunch of accessories at home that will help with your upcoming hunt, then you don’t need to worry about the lack of additional gear. Otherwise, there may be other harness bundles that can provide you with a better value proposition.

  • Can be worn or removed very quickly
  • Does not weigh you down
  • Padded straps provide plenty of comfort
  • Not packaged together with a lot of accessories

Hunter Safety System Treestalker Safety Harness

This particular tree stand harness from Hunter Safety System differs significantly from many of the other options you’ll see today. At first glance, you should be able to notice right away that it looks more like a safety vest as opposed to a safety harness.

Make no mistake though. This is still a highly durable and strong safety harness that you can confidently use outdoors.

The built-in webbing and the specially designed buckles are going to keep you secure even in the off chance that you slip off your tree stand somehow.

Because of the way it has been designed, this safety harness should also work better as an addition to your equipment if you’re thinking of going hunting during the wintertime. The additional layers should keep you at least a little bit warmer.

Though it may come as a bit of a surprise, this harness is actually very compact. You should have no problem trying to fit it inside even an already crowded bag.

The deer drag accessory included with this safety harness will also be able to help you out and allow you to carry fewer things during your hunting trips. Before buying this safety harness though, there are two things you need to know.

First off, this safety harness is designed to hold a maximum weight capacity of 250 pounds. That’s 50 pounds lighter than what most other harnesses offer. Also, expect tangling issues when you’re taking this safety harness out of your hunting bag. They’re easy enough to fix, but they can still be annoying.

  • Specially designed buckles will prevent falls
  • Harness can be worn for extra warmth
  • Capable of fitting in easily inside your bag
  • Maximum weight capacity is a bit under what other products offer
  • Parts of it tend to get tangled

Hunting Safety Harness Buying Guide

Still struggling to figure out which is the best tree stand harness for you? Then, let this buying guide provide you with some additional things to look for while shopping.

Safety Features

The most important considerations to keep in mind when you’re looking for a tree stand safety harness are without a doubt the features that are actually intended to protect you.

You can never have too many safety features included in your safety harness.

Start by evaluating the straps. Check out how strong they are and how they handle the extra weight and pressure you may foist upon them. Substandard straps are a no-go for any safety harness.

Take the time to test out those additional tree straps that some manufacturers provide and make sure that they can actually hang on to their posts.

The buckles are similarly important to determining just how safe or unsafe the harness is. You don’t want the straps slipping out of the buckles.
It’s also good to have a shock-absorbing bungee tether attached to the harness as you can count on it to remain in one piece even if you end up falling.

Comfortable Qualities

Safety is the main concern with harnesses, but comfort does not lag far behind in terms of importance. Unless you happen to get really lucky during your hunting trip, chances are that you will be spending quite a bit of time waiting for deer to shoot.

Waiting is not exactly an enjoyable activity, but it could be made even worse by wearing an uncomfortable safety harness.

Once again, the straps are going to be essential here. Padded straps may not seem like they will make much of a difference, but they absolutely will.

The buckles are also important. To be more specific, you need buckles that can be quickly adjusted. You don’t want to be stuck wearing a harness that will make it impossible for you to make a quick adjustment as you’re waiting.

Freedom of Movement

Weight is the number one factor that can affect how conducive to movement the safety harness is.

As you would expect, the heavier harnesses are the most cumbersome. They can make it hard for you to simply go up and down from your tree stand.

On top of that, a bulkier harness can impact how quickly you can react when you see a potential target. Failing to act within the first few seconds can prove to be very costly.

Ideally, the safety harness you’ll be getting will be easy to wear because it doesn’t feel heavy on your body.
You should also prioritize harnesses with straps and buckles that are located well. Those elements of the harness should not get in your way when you’re hunting.


It’s a standard approach on the part of manufacturers to bundle numerous accessories together with their safety harnesses.
Examples of accessories you want to see included alongside the harness are carabiners, climbing ropes, and deer drags. You can still go ahead and purchase a harness even if those accessories are not included, but you should know that some manufacturers do provide them.

Tree Stand Harness Buying FAQ

How should the tree stand safety harness be worn?

The makers of a specific safety harness will often provide instructions for how their creation should be worn. In case the makers of the item you purchase didn’t though, there are some general instructions for you to follow that can help secure the safety harness on your body.

The first thing you need to do is to put on the shoulder straps. Don’t go overboard when it comes to tightening the straps. You don’t want your extremities feeling numb due to the cold weather and the tightness of the straps.

You should also put the chest strap into its proper position. Once again, avoid tightening excessively or you may feel uncomfortable.
The thigh straps, if they are included in the harness, can be worn last.

To further secure your safety harness, Bowhunting 360 recommends attaching the tether included with your harness to the prussic knot on your lifeline. You can secure that connection further by making use of a carabiner.

Again, the manufacturers of the specific safety harness you’re wearing may present different instructions for how to wear their products, but in the absence of those, the pointers above should prove helpful.

Feel free to make adjustments as well even after you’ve put on the harness.

What is the ideal weight and weight capacity for a tree stand safety harness?

As noted earlier, you don’t want to use heavy harnesses because of how much they can limit your range of movement. A heavy harness will prevent you from being able to react quickly to any targets you spot.

You should definitely seek out a lightweight harness to use. The ideal weight for a tree stand safety harness is right around two pounds.
If you can find something even lighter, then that would be great. Two pounds is more than acceptable for a safety harness though.

For capacity, you can obviously just refer to your weight to determine how much your harness should be able to carry. It is worth noting that the 300-pound upper limit on the capacity is increasingly become the standard for makers of tree stand safety harnesses.

Can safety harnesses remain comfortable to wear regardless of the weather?

Staying comfortable outdoors also means that you’re not feeling too cold or too warm. Safety harnesses can play a role in how comfortable you are from that perspective.

If you’re wearing a harness without those mesh coverings, then you can expect heat to accumulate in certain spots, thus leading to you becoming uncomfortable. To avoid the experience of swimming in sweat as you’re staking out your target for the day, look for the harnesses with mesh layers if you’re planning to go on hunting trips during the summer.

The mesh layers are not quite as important if you’re hunting during the fall and winter seasons. Still, you can look for a harness that offers a bit more coverage if you would like to feel warmer during your hunting expeditions.

The tree stand safety harness is not going to be the key factor that will determine whether you will feel comfortably warm or cool outdoors, but it can have a bit of an impact.

Do you need a tree stand safety harness that features camouflage print and colors?

Your targets probably won’t be able to notice you right away if you’re taking aim from a treetop location, but it’s still not a bad idea to wear camouflage gear. The camouflage should make you tougher to spot even if you make a bit of noise.

The good news is that most safety harnesses already feature camouflage colors. You should have little trouble finding something that can disguise you better.