Our Goals with Outdoor Spike

Spending time outdoors to take part in a favorite is something all of us should be able to experience. There’s nothing like it and we at OutdoorSpike want to help everyone who wants to do so.

To help both new and experienced adventurers alike, we have included numerous reviews of different items that people will need while they are outdoors. We go as in-depth as possible on our reviews so that you learn everything there is to know about a particular piece of equipment.

For those looking for more information about a certain type of outdoor equipment, we also provide buyer’s guides. These articles provide pointers on what to look for when you go shopping for gear. If you can’t find a detailed review for a specific product, feel free to use our buyer’s guides instead.

You can also expect to find numerous “How To” articles that detail the steps you must take if you are planning on taking up certain activities. Give those a read to expand your repertoire of outdoor skills.

Our Editors

Hayden Lawrence

We can’t put together a website that discusses all topics involving the outdoors without including hunting and fishing. And since our aim is to provide you with all the useful knowledge you could want, we have enlisted the help of experienced outdoorsman Hayden Lawrence.

Hayden is a highly experienced hunter who knows all about which weapons you need to use. Whether you prefer to use rifles, crossbows, or some other form of weaponry, you can expect to pick up some great tips from Hayden’s articles.

Of course, hunting is not just about learning which weapons to deploy during the pursuit of your target. You also have to be aware of how to approach the animal you are taking down. Hayden knows all about that and you will be able to come up with your own signature approach to hunting with his help.

Are you more of a fisherman instead of a hunter? Fishing requires extensive knowledge of the right rods, lures, and techniques to use while you’re on the water. Hayden will offer tips on how to combine all of those so that you can fish more effectively.

Brian Kirwan

Every now and then, bidding a temporary farewell to modern civilization and experiencing what it’s like to live amongst nature is worth doing. If that sounds like the way you want to spend your day outdoors, then Brian should be able to help you out.

He is our foremost expert on camping. We’ve learned a lot about packing tips and tricks, how to set up a tent quickly, and all kinds of other useful bits of outdoor knowledge just from hearing him discuss his previous excursions.

We’re confident that you’ll find what he has to say to be very helpful as well.

Brian’s writings should also come in handy if you’re someone who is more into conquering difficult terrain.

Hiking is not an activity to be taken lightly and that is why Brian takes the time to carefully detail what your plan of attack should be for different kinds of environments and trails. You can also learn about the things to keep an eye out for as you’re going through specific trails with Brian’s help.