Which Is The Best Bow Quiver For Your Next Hunting Adventure?

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The quest for the best hunting quiver is not as simple as many might suspect.

Though it may seem like hunting quivers should be pretty basic pieces of equipment considering their main purpose, there are indeed numerous features that can distinguish them from one another.

To put it simply, you can’t just pick out and purchase the first hunting quiver you see and expect that it will work perfectly for you. Specific factors and your own preferences will determine how compatible you are with a particular quiver.

Over the course of reading this article, you will become more aware of the specific factors that can have a tangible impact on the quality of the hunting quiver. You can also check out some of the top-of-the-line hunting quiver variants that you can purchase right now.

Hunting is a noble pursuit that calls for the usage of only the finest equipment. Find out how to choose your gear by reading on.

Our 5 Top Rated Hunting Quiver

#ImageHunting QuiverPrice
#1Tight Spot 5-Arrow Bow QuiverTight Spot 5-Arrow Bow Quiver$$$
#2APEX GEAR Game Changer 5-Arrow QuiverAPEX GEAR Game Changer 5-Arrow Quiver$$
#3Trophy Ridge Lite-1 5 Arrow QuiverTrophy Ridge Lite-1 5-Arrow Quiver$$
#4Carbon Express 203373 Rage Cage QuiverCarbon Express 203373 Rage Cage Quiver$$
#5LimbSaver Silent QuiverLimbSaver Silent Quiver$$

APEX GEAR Game Changer 5-Arrow Quiver

Hunting quivers should not just be designed for the purposes of carrying your arrows. Ideally, they can also be used to keep your arrows protected as you move around looking for targets.

When it comes to arrow protection, you will likely love using this hunting quiver. It’s outfitted with different features that have been added to better protect your arrows.

Starting up top, the rubber lining used inside this hood is not just an aesthetic element.

It is incorporated into the design of the quiver because it can limit the amount of exposure that the arrows endure while simultaneously keeping the broadheads protected.

Even if you have to run around causing the arrows to move inside the quiver, they won’t lose their edge because of the hood. Moving may not even be much of a problem itself because this quiver is designed to prevent that.

You can also adjust the mounting bracket on this quiver to better fit the arrows you’re using. This adjustable quiver can be positioned behind the sight if that is more comfortable for you. Its lightweight design also makes it easy to move around with.

The manufacturers state that this hunting quiver can work for both right and left-handed hunters. That is technically true, but you should know that you will have to make several adjustments in order to turn this into a lefty-friendly quiver.

  • Rubber lining inside the hood protects the broadheads
  • Hood also discourages arrow movement
  • Mounting bracket can be moved
  • Lightweight quiver
  • Will have to be altered significantly for left-handed users

Trophy Ridge Lite-1 5-Arrow Quiver

Keeping your arrows securely positioned is essential while you’re hunting. Even the softest sounds can be disruptive while you’re in a tranquil environment. Make a loud noise and your target could run away.

What makes this hunting quiver stand out is that it does an excellent job of preventing noise production.

The copolymer material used in the making of this quiver effectively works to reduce noise. The coating also works to stop noise production should the arrows rub up against the hood.

In addition to those features, the dual arrow grippers also keep everything in place as you’re walking around the hunting area. You should be able to move around freely without worrying that you may startle a potential target.

You can also move the mounting bracket vertically so that the arrows can be positioned in the manner you prefer. The included braiding rope enables you to hang this quiver from a bow or from a tree.

The manufacturers also went ahead and added some interesting features to this hunting quiver. The hood itself is decked out in camouflage décor and there are also LED lights installed on top of it.

The LED lights are a nice touch, but you’re probably not going to be using them for illumination. You probably shouldn’t count on them to help give you greater visibility outdoors too.

It’s also important to point out that this quiver won’t work with larger arrows. Keep that in mind before you decide whether or not to purchase this hunting quiver.

  • Copolymer hood prevents noise production
  • Dual arrow grippers keep things in place
  • Mounting bracket is adjustable
  • Cannot be used with larger arrows

Carbon Express 203373 Rage Cage Quiver

Hunting with a bulky bow and an even larger quiver is not a good idea. You’ll struggle to move around and the chances are that you will have little to no success trying to sneak up on potential prey.

If you want a hunting quiver that can make it easier for you to prowl in the shadows and launch your arrows stealthily, this item should prove to be right up your alley.

It’s on the smaller and lighter side for a hunting quiver and it won’t hamper your movement at all while you’re out trying to snag an animal to take home. Despite the smaller size, it can still hold up to five arrows at a time.

Now, here is where it becomes important to clarify matters regarding the arrows this quiver can hold. The manufacturers note that it can hold all types of arrows. Technically speaking, that claim is accurate and you should be able to fit all kinds of arrows inside this quiver.

The catch is that they won’t always fit properly. Sometimes, the arrows may be aligned in such a way that they can be easily damaged.

Unless you’re using a specific brand of arrow, chances are you will run into a bit of trouble getting everything inside this quiver.

This is still a good, adjustable hunting quiver and the carbon fiber dipped hood is a nice addition, but you’ll only get the most out of it if you stick to using a specific brand of arrows.

  • Smaller quiver that can fit you comfortably
  • Has a carbon fiber dipped hood to house the arrows
  • Comes with a snap trap tension adjustable mounting system
  • Only works best with specific arrows

LimbSaver Silent Quiver

Upon seeing this hunting quiver, one of the first things you’ll probably notice is the unique configuration of its hood. Instead of opting for a classically designed quiver hood, the manufacturers decided to give the arrows individual hoods.

Why is the decision to go with that design important?

For one, it provides the individual arrows with better protection. They can be covered properly by the smaller hoods. The specially designed material used in the hoods also provides the arrows with softer resting spots that will not dull their tips.

The individual hoods also make it easier for the arrows to remain in place. They won’t bump up against one another because they are separated by secure grips and the hoods.

You can even try to fit arrows of different brands inside this hunting quiver if you wanted to.

It helps that the quiver is also remarkably light. Feel free to move around as you’re trying to track down your prey. This hunting quiver will be able to keep up with you.

You should also have very little trouble trying to remove the arrows from this quiver. The included quick disconnect feature allows for the swift removal of your arrows.

Don’t keep this quiver on your back when you’re planning to shoot though. It tends to produce a clicking sound that can alarm the wildlife around you. Aside from that issue, this hunting quiver should serve you well.

  • Individual hoods excel at protecting the arrows
  • Quick release design allows for easy removal of arrows
  • Different types of arrows can be stored inside this quiver at the same time
  • Produces a noise when used while it’s sitting on your back

Tight Spot 5-Arrow Bow Quiver

Last but not least is a hunting quiver that utilizes a unique design to benefit its users. Its name already gives it away, but it is still worth pointing out how closely this quiver can be attached to your bow.

That feature comes in handy because it can effectively stabilize the bow. If you’re still not used to hunting with a bow and arrow, the stabilization provided by this quiver can help you line up your shots better.

Because of how tightly the quiver is positioned next to the bow, you should also have an easier time trying to retrieve arrows. You should be able to fire off your arrows in quicker succession thanks to the design of this quiver.

Removing the arrows from the quiver with one hand should prove to be no problem as well.

Vibration-absorbing features are baked into the design of this quiver to prevent noise. The bumper strip located along the side also absorbs additional vibrations that may be produced if you are using this quiver to stabilize your bow.

The only drawback to the design is that it may feel uncomfortable at times. If you’re not a fan of clothes that fit too tight, you’re probably going to need some time to get used to this hunting quiver.

When it comes to protection, the hood is very solid and it should keep the arrows shielded well from the elements.

  • Can be used to stabilize your bow
  • Arrows can be removed easily from this quiver
  • Keeps noise level to a minimum
  • Well-designed hood keeps the arrows properly protected
  • Fit may feel too tight

Hunting Quiver Buying Guide

Next up are the factors that can help determine if a specific hunting quiver will suit you well. Remember these as you shop for your hunting equipment.

Quiver Hood

Arrows won’t lose their edge just because you’ve exposed them to the elements for a few seconds, but if you consistently allow them to stick out of your quiver, they will eventually sustain some damage.

There’s nothing worse for a hunter than working with dull arrows. Even if you manage to hit your target, the dull edge may not be enough to deal a lethal blow. Things can take an unpleasant turn in a hurry in that scenario.

That is why you need quivers that adequately protect the arrows. Hoods that can cover the tips of the arrows will keep them safe from environmental damage. Furthermore, the quiver hood can also play a huge role in minimizing the amount of noise produced by arrows when you’re moving.

Compatibility with Different Arrows

As a hunter, you should feel free to experiment with a variety of arrows until you find one that works best for you. This means that you may have to use different types of arrows in the quiver you’re getting.

Since arrows come in different shapes and sizes, it’s not a given that your quiver will be able to hold the ammunition you’re planning on using.

Thankfully, most hunting quivers are capable of holding arrows of different brands, even if they can’t do so at the same time. You may have to adjust the quiver in certain ways, but you should still be able to fit the arrows inside.

Ease of Arrow Removal

You’re not given plenty of time to react when you’re hunting. The moment you catch a glimpse of your prey and it’s within range, you must be able to fire your arrows.

Sometimes, it’s the bow that can cause you to have trouble releasing the arrows, but the quiver can play a role in that too. Make sure that the quiver is designed to allow for the quick removal of your arrows.

It would also be helpful if the arrows are positioned in such a way that you can reach for them easily, thus minimizing the amount of time you need to fire.


Weight is yet another important factor to consider when choosing a hunting quiver. Bows can already be quite bulky themselves. If you end up having to pair them up with heavy hunting quivers, your mobility can be hampered significantly while you’re hunting.

You should also avoid taking a heavy quiver with you when you go hunting because carrying it can tire you out faster, meaning you may have to cut your trip short.

Materials Used

What matters most when it comes to materials used in quivers is what’s inside the hood. The material lining the interior of hood should not be damaging to the tips of the arrows.

Rubber is a good candidate here as it will not affect the arrow tips.

What People Ask About Hunting Quiver

Where should the hunting quiver be positioned?

Arrow quivers are usually either worn on your back, on one of your hips, or away from your body. For hunters though, the choices typically boil down to back quivers or the variants that can be left on the ground or hung from a tree.

According to Archery 360, back quivers are good because they do not hamper your movement when you are walking around. They will stay attached to your back and you will be able to navigate the terrain in front of you with no additional obstacles.

Back quivers also don’t get in your line of sight or in the potential flight path of your arrows. They can also work well with right and left-handed archers. You can also reload quickly if your arrows are coming from a back quiver.

The main issue with a back quiver is that you can’t see exactly where the arrows are located. You may have to feel around for a bit before you get your hands on an arrow.

Quivers that can be hung from the tree branches or left on the ground are great because the arrows are right there in front of you. However, you could cause a ruckus if you accidentally bump the quiver.

What is the quiver hood for?

If you grew up watching shows about Robin Hood, then you probably have this image of an archer in your head with an uncovered quiver of arrows resting on his back.

So, why then are quiver hoods needed now?

The main reason is protection. You cannot afford to use arrows with dull tips because they cannot get the job done properly.

The hood there is to ensure that your arrows will remain in prime condition whenever you take aim and fire at your target. With no hood present, you may need to use up all of the arrows in your quiver just to take down your prey, and even then, you may still need additional tools to get the job done.

How many arrows should you have in your quiver?

Many of the hunting quivers available today are designed to carry five arrows. It may seem odd at first for manufacturers to settle on that number, but it actually makes sense.

An arrow count of five gives you enough ammunition to take down a couple of does and possibly even a resilient buck, according to Nockout.