10 Ways to Stay Warm In Tent During Your Winter Camping Trip

Stay Warm During Winter Camping

Camping during the winter can be a beautiful experience, but the freezing cold might not always be appealing for all. Besides the obvious drop in temperatures, the colder months make campers more prone to frostbite and hypothermia, which is why it becomes incredibly important to stay warm, especially during the night.

Keeping yourself warm is always essential when camping during the winter season and is something that you will have to plan for. In this article, we are going to cover the ways in which you can keep warm while inside your tent and while you sleep:

Layer Up From The Beginning

One of the biggest mistakes that campers tend to make when camping during the winter is not keeping warm from the beginning. As the sun starts to set, the surrounding temperatures will start to drop rather rapidly. While at the beginning you might not feel as cold, it is something that will start happening slowly over the course of a few hours.

If you wait until you are absolutely cold to start layering up, it will take you significantly longer to get warmed up. Make sure that you start bundling up once the sun sets to ensure that you can stay warm through the course of the night.

Don’t Forget The Thermals

Thermal clothing is the winter camper’s best friend and something that you should carry if you are planning to camp in colder temperatures. Always wear thermals as the temperature starts to drop to ensure that your body stays warm during this time.

Investing in a pair of thermal leggings and thermal t-shirts is a great way to keep yourself warm and not spend too much on warm gear to wear during the winter. Plus, thermal wear is incredibly comfortable to sleep in, making for brilliant nightwear.

Pack A Hot Water Bottle

Most people underestimate how beneficial a hot water bottle is during the colder months, and only realize it until they are actually out on the campsite. One of the best ways to keep warm during the winter is to drink hot water instead of room temperature water.

The decline in temperature makes it rather hard to keep the water warm, even if you have just warmed it on the stove. In this instance, a hot water bottle can come in handy because it helps you keep the water warm for longer, thereby helping you stay warmer.

Warm Up Before Bed

Cold temperatures can make it rather uncomfortable to sleep during the night, which is why warming up before bed is important. Before you go to bed, sit by the campfire and warm up for a while.

Additionally, make sure that you are wearing the right kind of clothing during this time. Make sure that your tent is well insulated during this time as well. Don’t forget to also drink some hot water and empty out your bladder before you decide to turn in for the night.

Invest In Sleeping Bag Liners

Sleeping bag liners are a brilliant tool for those who want to keep their sleeping bag warm through the course of the night. Ideally, you would want to invest in a heated sleeping bag that is specially designed for the winter.

However, if you have a sleeping bag already, investing in another one might not be as economical. In these instances, opting for a sleeping bag liner is a great way to give your bag the additional warmth that it needs, without having to spend an exorbitant amount.

Insulate Your Flooring

The flooring is one of the main parts of your tent that you should be paying attention to if you want to keep warm through the course of the night. Warming your floor can help you increase the temperatures inside your tent, and can also make sleeping significantly more comfortable.

Fortunately, warming the flooring of your tent is incredibly easy and something that you can do with not much effort. Using rugs, blankets and towels is one of the easiest ways to create a barrier between the cold from the floor and you, helping you stay nice and toasty.

Opt For A Warmer Sleeping Bag

If you are thinking of going in for a new sleeping bag, a warm sleeping bag designed for cold weathers is something that you can invest in. These kinds of sleeping bags are generally made of some kind of insulating material that traps the heat inside the bag and prevents any cold from getting in.

There is a wide range of brands that have sleeping bags that are specially designed for this kind of weather, and opting for this is a great way to stay warm while out on your camping trip.

Eat High Energy Foods

Your body needs a certain amount of energy to keep warm through the course of the day and night, and giving it this fuel that it needs is incredibly important.

The best thing to do in this instance is to eat foods that are high in energy and which have a certain amount of good fats. These foods help your body naturally produce a lot more warmth, and can help you during the colder days on your camping trip.

Use Heat Packs

Heat Packs are one of the easiest ways to keep warm during your winter camping trips. These are inexpensive and easy to use, making them a must have for anyone planning to camp in colder temperatures.

Heat packs are especially great for keeping you warm while you sleep, and are great to help keep the heat inside your sleeping bag from escaping. Simply put a few heating packs in your jacket, pockets or sleeping bags and enjoy the warmth that it gives out.

Carry Extra Blankets

You can never go wrong with blankets as a method of keeping you warm, and carrying a few extra blankets during your trip is one method of being warm and toasty during the night and while you sleep.

You can use blankets either as a flooring insulator, to keep you warm in your sleeping bag or even to warm the outside of your tent and protect it from strong winds.