Leica Trinovid BCA 8×20 Binocular Review

Leica is a name that’s widely associated with birding. For several years they’ve produced only the finest birding binoculars on the market. Their latest model of compact binoculars is slim, lightweight and provides bright, crisp image quality that any birder can appreciate.

The Trinovid compact binoculars offer the type of high-quality performance that allows users to capture every detail, for a sharp, bright view that Leica binoculars are known for.

However, Leica has changed their take on birding binocular design by adding more functionality and significantly improving ease of use in order to make these compact binoculars more user-friendly.

Overview and Features

As a birder, you need binoculars that are equipped with the best prisms and lens glass on the market. Hunting and sightseeing don’t demand stellar image quality, but birding does. These binoculars will make it easier for you to quickly and easily sight and identify birds during your next outing.

These binoculars are very compact, coming in at under six inches. They feature fully extendable eyecups that are a little under five inches across when they’re fully extended. The manufacturer claims that this pair weighs in at just twenty-six ounces.

The black matte finish of the rubber armor casing has a tacky feel that makes them stick solidly in your hands. The ergonomic design allows you to comfortably hold the binoculars for a longer period of time, which is exactly what a birder needs.

These are fully sealed binoculars that are totally waterproof, and nitrogen purged. The offer an interpupillary distance that ranges from fifty-eight to seven-six millimeters. This means the binoculars should fit most people’s faces, comfortably.

Despite the thick rubber armor, some users felt that these binoculars were too light and fragile for hunting use.

  • Easy to use
  • Bright, clear lenses capture even the finest detail
  • Highly adjustable
  • lightweight design
  • Impressive FOV
  • For the price we were disappointed that the binoculars didn’t come with a carrying case
  • No diopter lock
  • Lightweight design takes away from durability


The binocular’s close focus capability is a nice surprise. These binoculars are able to focus down to a little over five and a half feet, and without a major field of collapse. They can actually outperform the Zeiss 8×42 Conquest HD binoculars, the top competing model. Beginners who don’t know how to focus binoculars will find this pair easy to adjust. The simple smooth roll of the focus wheel allows users to expertly adjust and focus like a pro. The addition of the roof prisms significantly boosts the binocular’s light transmission, so they can be used for birding, fishing, or hunting during dusk or dawn.


Birders will enjoy the 8x magnification that offers seventeen millimeters of eye relief. The magnification level is perfect for sightseeing, birding, and hunting.


They also feature a three hundred and seventy-two-foot FOV at one thousand yards, which is much better than average.


These binoculars meet the highest industry standards in viewing quality. Equipped with Bak 4 phase coated prisms and multicoated lenses, users will have a clear view of any setting or object, which is why these binoculars are so popular for birding. The view is detail-rich, sharp, and bright. The binoculars also offer high-contrast images, which is what Leica binoculars are known for.

Adjustable Features

The manufacturer took an innovative design approach. The binocular’s eyecups are adjustable using the basic helical twist mechanism, turning it clockwise to retract and counterclockwise to extend.But what’s so unusual about this feature is that Leica has included five stable positions to choose from between fully down and fully up. These settings are marked by detents, and the eyecups won’t collapse during normal use.


Adjustment for the diopter is fast and simple, just twist the ring located on the right barrel. While the diopter doesn’t have a lock, it holds firm and will stay in place exactly where you put it.


The binocular’s ocular lens caps consist of pliable, deep rubber caps that are linked together with the help of a very flexible bridge. The caps fit firmly over the eyecups and don’t come off during transport. The cover features a single bracket located on the left through which you can insert a strap. The objective lens caps are deep cups of flexible rubber that fit firmly over the ends of the barrels. These caps are attached by tethers to rings that fit tightly over the barrel ends.

Unfortunately, the manufacturer doesn’t include a carrying case, so you’ll need to purchase one separately. A case will further help to protect the binoculars during transport and can also cut down on the amount of dirt, dust, and debris that comes into contact with the lenses.

Care and Maintenance

Like other types of high-quality models, these are high maintenance binoculars that will require routine cleaning in order to keep them performing at their best. These binoculars come with a cleaning cloth, however, binoculars require a little more maintenance than a lens wipe down.

Leica Trinovid BCA Compact Binoculars Conclusion and Rating

Outdoor Spike.com Product Rating: [star rating=”4″ numeric=”yes”]

Leica Trinovid BCA 8x20 BinocularThere’s plenty to love about the Trinovid compact birding binoculars by Leica, including the affordable price. The ergonomic design significantly improves user comfort. The image quality is everything we’ve come to expect from Leica. These are birding quality binoculars that are also user friendly and easy to focus and adjust. Often, binoculars of this quality can be difficult for beginners to use, but the manufacturer has definitely listened to buyer feedback and has finally created a pair of binoculars that are very user-friendly. We gave these binoculars a rating of four out of five stars.

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