Top Performing Shooting Rests: Improve Hunting Accuracy

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If you’re just starting out as a hunter and you want to improve your accuracy as quickly as possible, this is precisely the piece of equipment you need to pick up. With the best shooting rest on hand, you should be able to concentrate better on your target and thus land a more accurate shot.

It’s not just the new hunters can benefit from using a shooting rest though. Even if you already have years of experience hunting in the wild, you still need some practice to keep your shot on point. The shooting rest will help with that.

There are several options to consider if you’re shopping for a shooting rest. To help make the process of finding the right one for yourself easier, please take note of the products reviewed below as well as the factors that make a big difference in the shooting rest.

Top Performing Shooting Rests You Can Consider

#ImageShooting RestPrice
#1Bog-Pod RapidBog-Pod Rapid
(Best High End Shooting Rest)
#2Caldwell Deadshot FieldPodCaldwell Deadshot FieldPod
(Best Mid Range Shooting Rest)
#3Caldwell Lead Sled DFT 2Caldwell Lead Sled DFT 2$$$
#4Caldwell Lead Sled SoloCaldwell Lead Sled Solo$$
#5Guide Gear Bench RestGuide Gear Bench Rest$

Bog-Pod Rapid (Best High End Shooting Rest)

Compact is not the word you will often use to describe shooting rests, but that term definitely fits this item from Bog-Pog.

When it’s not deployed, this shooting rest has a very slim profile. If you want to take it with you for a hunting trip, that’s certainly possible. You should have no trouble trying to find room for it in your bag.

It’s not just the slender frame of this shooting rest that makes it ideal to bring along for your hunting outings. You should also have a relatively less troublesome experience bringing it with you because it weighs in at 1.35 pounds. The last thing you have to worry about is this shooting rest weighing you down.

The lightweight design of this shooting rest could give some hunters pause. Fair or not, many associate being lightweight with being flimsy.
Just to be clear, that is not the case at all with this Bog-Pod creation.

It is fashioned out of heavy duty cast aluminum along with different polymers to give it extra strength. This shooting rest will have no trouble providing support for the firearm you’re using.

Its working height range goes from 7 up to 11 inches. The range could certainly be better, but it’s still workable. The manufacturers also could have added some features so that making adjustments for this shooting rest would be easier.

Take the time to practice with this shooting rest as its somewhat unconventional design can take some getting used to.

  • Capable of fitting in easily inside hunting bags
  • Lightweight shooting rest
  • Made out of durable cast aluminum and polymers
  • Working height range is somewhat limited

Caldwell Deadshot FieldPod (Best Mid Range Shooting Rest)

Shooting rests are supposed to improve your accuracy and in order for them to do that, they must be capable of giving you access to the exact type of shot you want to make. That happens to be what this particular Caldwell shooting rest specializes in.

When it comes to height adjustments, this shooting rest can offer you a range that goes from 20 inches all the way up to 48 inches. That range is very impressive and comprehensive, but it’s not the lone reason why this shooting rest excels at precision.

You are also given the option of tweaking its settings further in a variety of ways. There’s an upper frame balance point present that can be adjusted. The front and rear supports can be adjusted independent of one another and the same goes for this rest’s legs.

Be as meticulous as you need to be with its settings in order to get the shot you’re looking for. Use the smartly located tension knob to make adjustments as you see fit.

It’s a sturdy piece of equipment too that will support your guns properly. The front and rear supports are not going to scuff up your gun as they’re holding it in place.

Weight is a bit of an issue with this item though. You’re not going to enjoy carrying it around everywhere, but it’s certainly worth the effort.

  • Shooting rest has a working height range of 20 to 48 inches
  • Legs and supports can be independently adjusted
  • Tension knob allows you to make quick changes
  • Weighs well over 6 pounds

Caldwell Lead Sled Solo

There’s nothing that can replicate the experience of firing off a powerful gun. The rush of adrenaline that flows through your body as you’re getting ready to shoot is something else. After experiencing it once, you will probably want to continue working with those more powerful firearms.

Challenges do come with using these more powerful weapons. For one, the recoil on those bad boys can be hard to handle. You don’t want a shiner showing up on your face the day after you were just on the range.

To control the recoil of your gun, you can try using this Caldwell shooting rest.

The body of this shooting rest is made out of heavy-duty steel. Included along with the strong frame are the forend strap and a spring designed to absorb a significant amount of the force produced by the recoil.

You will still feel something after shooting, but this rest will greatly mitigate the impact coming your way and prevent you from getting hit with any nasty bumps.

The manufacturers didn’t just focus on creating a sturdy shooting rest. They have also included features that are intended to protect your gun. The non-marring material lining the interior of the rear support will prevent scratches from showing up.

The adjustments knobs are also located well, which makes it easier for you to tweak things on the fly.

Considering this shooting rest weighs in at right around 24 pounds, you probably won’t want to take it with you during hunting trips. It’s best used at home or on the range for sighting or target practice.

  • Strong frame and spring absorb the force from the recoil
  • Heavy-duty steel used in the frame
  • Non-marring material covers the rear support
  • Adjustment knows are placed in convenient spots
  • Very heavy shooting rest

Guide Gear Bench Rest

Many of the shooting rests you’ll see today are quite expensive. They can be unrealistic purchases for some hunters because of that. Thankfully, there are some budget-friendly options available and this item from Guide Gear is one of them.

Budget does not automatically mean bad however.

The steel used in the construction of this shooting rest holds up well to the force generated by the gun. The feet found on this item will also keep it from going all over the place after you fire a shot. Watch out for the recoil as this shooting rest is not going to do much about that.

The soft rubber coatings present on the supports will not deal any damage to the surface of the gun.

One of the more unique features of this shooting rest is that it works equally well regardless of if you are right or left-handed. Approach from your position of comfort and start using it as soon as possible if you want.

It’s important to manage your expectations when it comes to this shooting rest. If you’re hoping for something that can offer a wide range of adjustment possibilities and more precise configuration, you will be disappointed.

This is a very basic offering, which isn’t to say that it’s bad, but it’s more of an admission that it is lacking in certain areas.
For those looking for nothing more than a budget shooting rest that can function well, this is a good buy.

  • Sturdy steel frame that can last for a long time
  • Soft rubber coatings on supports prevent scratches
  • Usable for both right and left-handed shooters
  • Not a lot of extra features included
  • Weighs over 5 pounds

Caldwell Lead Sled DFT 2

Strength and versatility are the biggest reasons why you will take an interest in this shooting rest from Caldwell.

To start, its highly durable frame is fully capable of minimizing the impact of strong recoil. The manufacturers have also implemented clever design to further dampen the impact that the recoil can have. Whatever force is produced by firing a shot is dispersed throughout the dual frame design.

Even if the gun does move a bit while held by this shooting rest, it will not be damaged because of the protective linings on the supports.

Another plus for this Caldwell shooting rest is that it can host a wide array of guns. Thanks in large part again to the way it has been designed, you can use this shooting rest to support different kinds of rifles and shotguns. You’re given 18 inches of wiggle room to work with so that you can fit in the gun you prefer.

You can continue to make adjustments even after placing the gun on this shooting rest. The front portion of this rest can be elevated up to 2.5 inches for your shooting needs. The rear portion can also be tweaked if need be.

Windage adjustment is also possible with this shooting rest, and that’s worth pointing out because it’s not a feature you’ll commonly find on other variants.

This is a shooting rest that should be left at home because it weighs around 24 pounds. You’re not bringing something heavy during your camping trip.

  • Dual frame design handles recoil impact very well
  • Dual frame also enables the rest to hold a wider variety of guns
  • Offers windage adjustment
  • Front and rear portions can be adjusted
  • Not ideal for transport as it weighs 24 pounds

Considerations When Buying Shooting Rest

Shooting rests may have a very simple role to play, but manufacturers have done all kinds of things to make their offerings stand out. Here now are the features that can distinguish the shooting rests from one another.

Height Range and Adjustment Possibilities

A good shooting rest will make it possible for you execute a wide variety of shots and that is only possible if you can adjust its height.

Ideally, the shooting rest you’re using will offer you a wide range of height settings. Those varied adjustment possibilities will make it easier for you to hit your targets and also practice shots that you may need to execute while you’re out hunting.

A sizable height range is not quite as important if the manufacturers have configured the initial height setting of the shooting rest well, but still, having more control over how the item is aligned would be best.

Look for varied adjustment settings on your shooting rest if you want to get more uses out of it.

Easy Adjustment Controls

Speaking of adjustments, it’s not enough to have numerous options available to you. If you want to be able to fire off shots in quick succession while using your shooting rest, it’s essential for the adjustment controls to be easy to work with.

You don’t want to waste too much of your time on the shooting range fiddling around with the adjustment knobs or whichever control options are provided.

The easier the adjustment controls are to work with, the better things will be for you.


Versatility is an important quality in shooting rests. This is especially true if you’re planning to spend a significant amount of money on the item you’re purchasing.

As much as possible, you don’t want to spend upwards of $100 on a shooting rest that can only hold a limited number of guns. Be sure to check out the fit of your firearms before putting your money down for a shooting rest.

It’s fine if your guns don’t fit perfectly in the supports because you can add fillers to compensate. However, gaps that are too large or supports that are too small must be avoided.

Recoil Reduction

Shooting rests are useful not just for improving your accuracy. They can also make your guns safer to use.

If you’re taking a powerful gun to the firing range, recoil is something you need to be very aware of. Be unprepared for the recoil produced by your gun and you could end up with a black eye, or in some cases, a broken nose.

Try to look for shooting rests that can capably reduce the force of the recoil to protect yourself better.


Don’t forget about weight when you’re looking for a shooting rest.

Not all hunters use shooting rests when they’re out in the wild, but if you’re one of them, you should prioritize the items that are easy to carry in your bag. Weight does not matter as much if you’re just planning to use the shooting rest at home.

Shooting Rest FAQs

What are the different types of shooting rests?

Similar to many other pieces of gun-related equipment, there are different types of shooting rests for you to choose from. There are two general types of shooting rests that are widely available to gun enthusiasts.

The first type of shooting rest you may encounter while shopping is the full support rest. Full support rests are often the most feature-filled variants of this particular item.

They typically come with front and rear supports to properly hold your gun in place. A shooting tray may also be included to provide you with additional support. Examples of additional features you may find on full support shooting rests are adjustment controls and straps that will maintain the position of your gun after firing.

In terms of stability, the full support shooting rests are probably your best bet. The main downside to full support rests is that you also need to find a bench or some other sturdy surface to rest them on.

The tripod shooting rest is the other popular choice for gun enthusiasts. Unlike the full support variants, you can use a tripod rest on its own and fare well at the shooting range. You may not find as many features on them however.

According to Cabela’s, the better tripod shooting rests will feature either aluminum or cast iron frames.
Some shooters may use sandbags as shooting rests. Those can work in a pinch, but they can’t offer as much support or protection as the full support and tripod options.

How do you find the most comfortable shooting rest?

When it comes to trying to find the most comfortable shooting rest, there are two main factors you need to keep in mind. Those two factors are the height and the adjustment options.

The initial height of the shooting rest is crucial because it will determine the angle at which you will approach your gun. You don’t want to be forced into an awkward stance as you’re getting ready to shoot.

Height matters even more for tripod shooting rests because you won’t be using a bench or stand anymore.

The height adjustments are then critical for the purposes of achieving comfort because they will allow you to fine tune the settings to the point where you are in the spot you prefer.

What are the extra features to look for in shooting rests?

Not all shooting rests are created equal. In fact, some of the options are loaded with significantly more features than their competitors.

Height adjustment settings are among the most important features for shooting rests, but these are not present on all items. A shooting rest can still be good without height adjustment settings, but it won’t be as helpful to you.

You should also look for the shooting rests that have padded supports. Because of the recoil, you can temporarily lose control of your gun and it may jerk backward inside the rest. The sudden movement can also cause scratches to form on the gun if the surfaces of the supports are not soft enough.

Padded supports will discourage the emergence of those blemishes.

What is windage adjustment?

The term “windage” is something you will probably encounter as you’re looking for a shooting rest, So, what is windage and why does it matter for shooting?

According to Gun Goals, windage is “the effect of the air or wind in deflecting a bullet from its intended path.” Even if you lined up your shot perfectly, the windage can cause your bullet to veer off-course. Windage is an even bigger factor when you’re shooting over longer distances.
There are some shooting rests that provide a windage adjustment setting. Make use of that to shoot more accurately.