Picking The Top Camping Hatchets & Axes

camping hatchet

If you are planning to camp, you need to have some necessary accessories. One of these accessories is getting the best camping hatchet. You can use the hatchet to chop wood, building a shelter, or supplying fire.

One can also use a camping hatchet while backpacking on steep terrain. Furthermore, you can use the camping hatchet for hunting. Most of the people who like outdoor activities treasure a camping hatchet.

The information in this post is suitable for you if you are an outdoor enthusiast. The hatchet can be a security tool should you encounter dangerous animals like snakes in your camp. In either way, the device is useful to make the camping experience successful.

Many find the selection of a camping hatchet to be a challenging venture. Here, in this piece, you will get the right information leading to better decisions. We will be reviewing the five best camping hatchets for your choice.

5 Best Hatchets for Camping

Gerber Bear Grylls Survival Hatchet

Gerber Bear Grylls is a hand axe has a high steel carbon blade. The good news is that this blade comes while pre-sharped hence ready for use right away. It has both compact and lightweight design. It is suitable for small branches and logs.

Also, the compact design makes this product fit for backpacking. The blade features a nylon sheath. It will perfectly fit over the head’s hatchet for it to cover the sharp blade. Also, it has a belt loop that is suitable for attachment.

Gerber Bear Grylls offers versatility. The user can use the backside to act as a hammer. Suppose you are in a camp, you can hammer the poles and tents. However, it is noteworthy that the hatchet might not be right while hammering nails.

The handle has an ergonomic design with a non-slip grip. It will not slip in both damp and moist situations. The hatchet meets the standards of reputable bodies like SGS. As a result, it is a high-quality product.

The camping hatchet comes with affordable prices. Moreover, the packages include a warranty to cover defects.

  • Ergonomic rubber handle is non-slip to keep you secure in wet conditions
  • Made of high steel carbon which makes it durable
  • Belt loops to enhance accessibility
  • Dented blade

Iunio Camping Hatchet

Iunio is a multifunctional tool to use while camping. One of its primary roles is for splitting wood. But that is not all. You can still use this tool for wilderness navigation. Some people use it to break doors and windows.

The cool thing about this tool is one must not be an expert to use it. The user can easily assemble and disassemble it. You can still adjust its size to suit your current needs. Furthermore, it has a tubular section where one can keep other items like fishing gears.

It is among the best survival hatchets, made from stainless steel. The entire package comes with a bag for carrying convenience. The same kit is spacious enough to handle several items like cell phones and pens.

This camping axe is useful to outdoor enthusiasts on several occasions. You can use it on hunting, hiking, camping, and fishing. Also, this camping hatchet has a fire starter made from magnesium material while on outdoor adventures.

Also, the camping hatchet has a handle made from aluminum alloy. The same product has a compass to guide you on the proper direction.

  • Great for wood chopping, curving, and trimming
  • Has convenient accessories like fire maker, ropes, bottle opener, and compass
  • Comes with a lifetime warranty
  • Slightly heavy

Estwing Camper’s Axe

Estwing Campers Axe has a more extended handle that features 14 inches. Also, you can still find a 12-inch option. This model is slightly heavy, making it not suitable for backpacking. The product comes from forged steel and therefore durable.

The camping hatchet is suitable for outdoor activities. One can use it for splitting wood, kindling, and chopping small branches and logs.

It has a heavy-duty ballistic nylon sheath. It is useful in protecting your hands against the sharpened cutting edge. You will get this axe while sharpened right away from its package. The shock-absorbing handle will reduce any fatigue from hands.

The camping hatchet has a lighter version that meets a particular need. Some children and women may use them to perform specific tasks. You can also use this product while fishing, hiking and hunting.

Since it has a heavy-duty design, the pricing may be relatively higher. The cool aspect is that one it has a lifetime warranty.

  • Shock-absorbing handle
  • Nylon sheath which is durable and protects you from injuries
  • Designed to be useful in wood chopping, kindling, and hunting
  • Slightly heavy
  • Performs poorly as a hammer

SERGEANT Camping Hatchet SGT

The Sergeant camping hatchet is a compact product with an overall length of 14 inches. It has a lightweight design featuring 1.5 pounds. One can easily store it in the backpack and travel with it to any destination.

The entire construction materials include a high-carbon steel blade. The fiberglass handle has a rubber coating to enhance a rubber grip.

The sturdy design makes it suitable for the most challenging job functions.

This durable camping hatchet has an ergonomic handle to enhance comfort. You can use it for splitting wood. One can use it well in compact places where a large axe may not be convenient. Still, the product has protective storage for easy carrying.

The buyer will enjoy a lifetime warranty. Also, if you find it unworthy, you can return it for a refund. It has a flat backside, whereby one can utilize it as a hammer. Furthermore, the hatches have fair pricing making it affordable.

  • Great for chopping and splitting wood especially huge ones
  • Durable design which is fit for longevity
  • Compact design
  • Lifetime warranty
  • Have to sharpen it before using
  • Plastic sheath that protects the axe easily breaks

Schrade SCAXE10

Schrade SCAXE10 is the best camping hatchet among its category. One can use this camp axe to survive in any wilderness. Also, it has a stainless steel construction that makes it outstanding. Moreover, the product uses a rubber handle to enhance a rubber grip.

The camping hatchet is highly reliable since it uses a thermoplastic belt sheath. The ergonomic handle will not slip because of the excellent rubber grip. The overall length is about 11.1 inches long. As you swing it, it offers a balanced weight to power ratio.

Uniquely, the hatchet has a stainless steel powdery coating. It is useful in the prevention of corrosion and possibly rusting. Besides, its overall weight is about 1 pound. One can use this product on several occasions like hunting, fishing, and hiking.

The axe head also has a full tang design. It also has a hammer pommel to make it a multipurpose tool. The cool thing is it has it comes with a fair price tag. Furthermore, it has a lifetime warranty to protect it from any defects that may occur.

  • Ergonomic rubber handle which is comfortable to use
  • Lightweight design
  • Steel coated surface prevents it from possible corrosion
  • Sturdy design enhances durability
  • Tough sharpening options that are tedious

Factors to Consider When Buying the Best Camping Hatchet

As you look for a camping hatchet, you will want a high-quality one. It should serve you for a longer duration without any complications. As you go for your outdoor trips, disappointment is the last thing you want to experience.

Unfortunately, many hunters find it challenging to locate the right gear. If you are still reading this review, be sure to get the proper guidance. We will simplify some facts to you so that the selection exercise becomes easy.

Without further ado, let’s check the vital points that you should not overlook.

Blade Type

Different camping hatchets have different types of blades. For instance, the most common material used to make blades is steel. However, you must know the kind of steel used to make the blade.

It is vital to buy a product that comes from correct steel construction. Also, caution is critical to avoid some low-quality materials like mild steel. Many manufacturers indicate the type of steel used, plus, the underlying features.

For instance, the high-carbon steels have markings that range from 1065-1095. You can also construct the blade from high-chromium steel. The catch on this material is that it does not corrode or rust easily.

Alternatively, manufacturers use heat-treated steel to make the sharpest steel. It is also essential to put the blade size into consideration. In any case, larger blades are always heavy hence not suitable for backpacking.


The type of accessories in the package will dictate your decisions. We have some models with advanced accessories to make them outstanding. The following are some of the accessories that may appear in the package.

Sharpening hones
If you get the right hone, it will be useful for sharpening while outdoors. Suppose the package does not include one, you can still purchase it separately. Alternatively, you can use a tooth file to facilitate sharpening.

Blade Cover
Most camping hatchets have a blade cover. The primary role of a hatchet is to prevent accidents. Your blade must have a cover to prevent it from tearing your backpack. Also, a blade cover will restrict your arm from a gash. It may happen if you hang it outside the bag.

Overstrike Protectors
The overstrike protectors come in handy to those who have little cutting skills. Suppose you miss the target, they will protect the hatchet’s haft. Most of them use rubber or metal materials.

Extra Wedges
Most of the camping hatchets don’t come with extra wedges. Some of the packages have extra wedges included. Alternately, some will make wooden or metal wedges.

Some other accessories will feature in the package. They may include bottle openers, nail pullers, specialized hammer faces, and more. The most important aspect is to look for a hatchet that has appropriate features.

Length of the hatchet

Many people use hatchets for camping and backpacking purposes. Luckily, this product will feature different lengths. Do you know that the length of your hatchet will dictate power and speed?

The length will also determine the kind of wood you can work. Ordinarily, survival hatches will feature a distance of 14 inches. It offers a god handling experience as well as portability.

Some people may not like long hatchet. A survival hatchet will do.

The only downside with a long hatchet is that it is heavy. You can use short hatchet, although it has less power and speed. A shorter hatchet can work well on splitting small logs. You can also use it on hiking if you prefer a lighter option.

Size and weight

Size and weight are critical elements that you should consider. You must know your current needs before you decide on a particular format. If you are a backpacker, you want a manageable format. It will be appropriate to look for a lightweight design. It adds little load to your other luggage.

Weight is an aspect that you should not ignore. Some of these products will only take a few minutes daily. On some occasions, you may need a lightweight hatchet to meet your needs.

Also, the type of the used materials widely affects the weight. Some materials will weigh more than others. For example, steel-based alloys will weigh higher than aluminum ones.


Some of the hatchets have a flat surface at the back to act as a hammer. That surface will serve a hammer instead. One can use it well when camping since it can drive nails into poles. A good hammerhead should be flat and broad for it to be effective.

You also consider the distance of this back hammer. It should be at a considerable length from the handle to avoid injuries. A short-range proves to be uncomfortable to use.


The price of a particular camping hatchet will significantly influence your decision. Some elements will dictate the prices. For example, the materials used will dictate how the pricing will be. To some extent, the size of the hatchet, the brand, and accessories will too.

Notably, the price may not necessarily indicate quality. Some hatchets feature low pricing but with good quality.

You can shop your hatchet from online stores and save money because it will be reasonable to compare prices from multiple sources. Also, the customer reviews will assist you in knowing the right product.


It will be good news to note that most of the manufacturers give a guarantee. Also, most of the guarantees are the lifetime one.

FAQs When You Are Buying Camping Hatchet

Is there a difference between a hatchet and an axe?

The difference between the two is evident in their roles. For the hatchets, you can use them to splitting and chopping small wood. Also, a hatchet is a lightweight hence highly portable.

The axes happen to be longer. They will offer more power and speed, therefore convenient for chopping more massive logs. Another feature is that they are considerably heavy. They are always difficult to carry around.

How can one sharpen a hatchet?

The hatchet has straightforward sharpening methods. One of the simplest techniques is to use a mill file. While using this file, you will simply place the hatchet strategically. Precisely, let it be between your knees. It is essential to face your blade upwards to see it correctly.

Proceed by placing the file against that blade. It should be at a similar angle like that of the slope. Begin to drag the file across your edge. Do it in long strokes about ten times on each side.

If you want to get a sharper edge, you can repeat the process.

How can I clean my hatchet?

The first precaution you must observe is that the blade should be dry. You can use a clean, dry towel or cloth. Suppose the hatchet has dust, you can scrub it off using steel wool or sandpaper.

Also, you can use oil to prevent the axe against any rust. Go ahead to damp any excel oil on your blade by using a cloth. After that, you can store the axe in a cool and dry place. Such conditions will prevent any rust formation.

Which is the best hatchet handle?

Well, many will prefer to use a wooden folding when making a camping hatchet. You should combine it well with your blade. As a result, it will not inconvenience you during aggressive handling.

Also, a wooden handle is highly adaptable. Alternatively, one can also use a metallic handle.

Unfortunately, the handle can lose paint after sometimes. Also, the handle will add to the overall weight of the hatchet.

The exciting aspect of the metal handle is durability. It will not break easily.

Which materials are best when constructing a hatchet?

It will depend of the manufacturer. Some will use particular materials that have higher properties. For example, some camping hatchets feature high-carbon steel. The material is highly durable due to its heavy-duty design.

Also, it is vital to use some materials that will not rust quickly. They should also be corrosion-resistant. Example of material that rusts easily is mid steel.

Overall, we recommend a sturdy material that will resist breakage.

How heavy should a camping hatchet be?

Your camping hatchet must meet your needs if your schedule demands light work. You can consider using a lightweight camping hatchet. The product will only cut small branches and logs.

One advantage with a lightweight hatchet is portability. You can place it into your backpack and leave for your destination.

One the other hand, a heavy hatchet is suitable for heavy work. It cut chop large tree logs and other difficult tasks. Unfortunately, the hatchet is not convenient when carrying. It places an extra load on your luggage.

If your needs require a heavy hatchet, it is crucial to settle for it. You should also have a proper mechanism for carrying it. Some lightweight hatchet may be light as one pound. On the contrary, heavyweight can feature a weight of 7 pounds and above.


We live in a knowledge-based society. As a result, many people are ever looking for the right information to improve their lives. In that regard, a camping hatchet is among the items that some people want to discover.

It is crucial to settle for a particular product that meets your needs. Most of the people use camping hatchets for hunting and hiking.

Our number one recommendation is Gerber Bear Grylls. The product features a high steel carbon blade. Besides, it is lightweight and compact. You can use it to cut small tree branches. You will find it pre-sharpened right away from the box.

Also, it has a flat back which can act as a hammer. The handle has an ergonomic design to make it non-slip.