The 5 Best Arrow Rest For Hunting Reviewed

The kit of the prepared and knowledgeable bowhunter cannot be called complete without the best arrow rest for hunting.

When it comes to naming the essential pieces of hunting equipment, there are probably not a lot of folks out there who will include the arrow rest on their list. That sentiment is not hard to understand at all.

As long as you have your trusty bow, your arrows, and a quiver to contain your ammunition, you can easily come to the conclusion that you have everything you need for a successful hunt. There’s a fine line between success and failure when it comes to hunting though. With an arrow rest in your arsenal, you can effectively boost your chances of ending up in the former camp more often than not.

Arrow rests are not the most popular pieces of hunting equipment, which is why many people are unaware of how truly useful they can be. This article will shine a light on how the arrow rest can help hunters while also pinpointing some of the specific products people should know about.

Arrow Rest For Hunting Review

Quality Archery Products HDX (Best Arrow Rest)

The arrow rest has a very simple role to play. This type of product is usually designed to keep your entire setup in order so that you can be more consistent and accurate with your shots. A simply designed arrow rest with minimal additions could probably handle that job, but a feature-loaded product would be even better.

What this arrow rest from Quality Archery Products shows is that you can load a piece of equipment up with all kinds of features while still managing to get the basics on point.

Using this arrow rest is highly intuitive. Once it’s installed on your bow, you will only need a few tries to get the hang of using it.

This item properly supports the arrow as you prepare to fire. It doesn’t feature a vise-like grip, but it doesn’t really need to. The way it has been designed allows it to hold the arrow in place reliably. The Lock Down feature included in this rest also helps with securing the arrow.

To make it even easier for you to shoot with great accuracy, this rest has a vibration system in place that mitigates the amount of unnecessary movement the arrow produces. You won’t end up off-target because of something this rest did.

The molded rubber utilized in this arrow rest prevents it from producing noise when you shoot.

Set aside some time for replacing the cord used on this arrow rest. It can be a tricky and time-consuming process. Beyond that though, there’s not much else to complain about with regards to this arrow rest.

  • Lock Down feature reliably keeps the arrow in place
  • Vibration system prevents unwanted arrow movement
  • Rubber molding reduces noise production
  • Full draw indicator marks included
  • Replacing the timing cord can be troublesome

Truglo Downdraft (Best for Lower Budgets)

It’s always good to have a budget option available to you when you’re shopping for hunting equipment. So many of the items you need for hunting tend to be on the expensive side, which is why saving money on purchases whenever you can is a must.

For the budget-conscious bowhunters out there, this Truglo creation is worth a longer look. It is easily one of the most affordable arrow rests on the market today and it’s something you can purchase if you need something on short notice.

Beyond the cost-saving benefits of getting this Truglo arrow rest, it’s also a good purchase if you prefer hunting from atop tree stands. The sealed bushings installed on this arrow rest are useful for downward shooting. They will significantly increase the speed of your arrows as they come flying down from above.

Rubber dampeners present on this arrow rest are supposed to prevent the production of noise, but they don’t really work that well. You don’t have to worry that much about noise if you’re hunting from a tree stand, but it still would have been nice if that feature works as intended.

You can cut down on the noise by drawing back slower, but that can mess up with your timing and rhythm.

The issues with the noise can be annoying, but they are still offset by the value proposition presented by this arrow rest.

  • Easily affordable arrow rest
  • Works to propel downward shots better
  • Takes no time to install
  • Tends to produce a bit of noise

Ripcord Fall Away (Best for Accuracy)

Hunting with a bow is not an easy task. You have so many factors to take into account and even just one relatively minor mistake can cause you to miss. If you’re just starting out as a hunter and you want to experience success right away, going with a rifle is probably the move to make.

That doesn’t mean that you can’t make things work with a bow even if you’re new to this hobby. You just need the right arrow rest to make things easier, such as this product from Ripcord Technologies.

The key element of this arrow rest and the reason why it can help out new hunters so much is its containment arm. What’s unique about the aforementioned feature is that it offers complete, wrap-around containment for the arrows you’re using.

With the arrow locked in place, you don’t have to worry about it becoming misaligned as you’re preparing to take your shot. Even if you’re not used to shooting with a bow, this arrow rest can help address your rookie mistakes.

In addition to the containment arm, there are also internal dampeners included together with this arrow rest and they will make it possible for you to shoot without disturbing your surroundings.

One of the drawbacks to using this arrow is that it can be difficult to install. The manufacturers could have laid the instructions out better for users.

  • Containment arm completely secures the arrow
  • Launcher can be manually locked into place
  • Internal dampeners reduce noise produced
  • Installing this arrow rest on your bow can be difficult

Trophy Ridge Whisker (Best for Noise Reduction)

To become a successful hunter, you need to mimic the movements of the apex predators. You should be able to close the distance between you and your prey while remaining unseen and unheard. The first part of that challenge is easy enough to accomplish if you maintain your distance, but remaining silent is a harder ask if you’re not using the right equipment.

When one slip while handling your hunting gear can produce enough noise to send your target scurrying, you need to be very mindful of how you go about your business.

The beauty of this Trophy Ridge arrow rest is that it reduces noise incredibly well. Apart from the usual array of noise-reduction features that are found on most arrow rests that are also present in this item, it offers something extra.

This arrow rest features custom rubber boots that you can use during the loading process. The rubber boots will work to prevent metal-on-metal contact. No metal-to-metal contact means that no startling noises will emanate from your direction.

The bristles that have been installed on this arrow rest are not just for show. Those elements of the arrow rest are going to help you shoot more accurately.

One more thing to note about this arrow rest is that it features a reversible mount design. That makes it possible for you to quickly flip it around depending on if you’re right or left-handed.

Sadly, the plastic used throughout this arrow rest works against it. Durability is simply not its strong suit and you may have to secure a replacement sooner rather than later.

  • Custom rubber boots prevent noise production
  • Bristles help improve your accuracy
  • Reversible mount design allows both right and left-handed shooters to use this
  • Durability is an issue because of the plastic used

Vapor Trail LimbDriver (Best for Quick Setup)

Having a no-fuss arrow rest that you can pick up from the store, attach to your bow quickly, and use right away is always welcome. If you don’t often get the chance to go hunting alone or with your buddies, you don’t want the arrow rest to be the reason why you have to waste precious time.

Convenience is always something people want in any item they purchase and that’s exactly what you’re getting from this Vapor Trail arrow rest. Thanks in large part to its intuitive design, you will have no trouble picking up this arrow rest and attaching it to your bow.

The manufacturers also added a containment arm that can hold your arrows. There is a problem with it though. While you’re in the middle of drawing back your bow to fire, you may notice the arrow wobbling slightly in place.

The wobble can significantly affect your accuracy. Your arrows may not end up hitting the mark because of that issue.

You can counteract that issue by pulling back on the bow slowly, but that can obviously disrupt your rhythm.

To make this arrow rest more suitable to your preferences as a hunter, you can tweak the spring tension. It doesn’t hurt that this is also one of the more stylish arrow rests. The look is simple, but it can really make your bow look better.

  • Attaches with no issue to your bow
  • Features an intuitive design
  • Simple look of the rest makes your bow look better
  • Rest does not hold the arrow completely still while you’re pulling back

The Arrow Rest Buyer’s Guide

A good arrow rest is not hard to find, but in order to find the one that fits you best, you need to keep the upcoming considerations in mind.

Arrow Hold

The reason why you’re getting an arrow rest in the first place is because you want something that can hold your arrow correctly before you fire away. An arrow rest that is unable to manage that would be useless.

For the portion of the arrow rest designed to hold your ammunition, you want something that can wrap up as much of the arrow as possible. You don’t need something that covers the length of the arrow shaft. Something that can just wrap around the width of the arrow’s body is good enough.

You should also monitor how the holding component reacts when you’re pulling back on the bow. It should be able to hold the arrow in place as you’re doing so. Even if there is movement, it should be manageable.

Vibration Reduction

The vibration dampeners installed on most arrow rests have two main functions.

First off, the vibration reduction features are supposed to help improve your accuracy. Vibrations can have a real impact on whether or not you are able to hit your target.

If they are too strong, they can alter the flight path of the arrow, causing it to hit a spot on your target you were not aiming for or even lead you to miss your target completely. The vibrations need to be reined in as much as possible to ensure that your shots remain on target.

The other important role that vibration dampeners play on arrow rests is related to noise reduction. The force from firing an arrow can cause your bow to rattle. The vibrations may also disrupt the tranquil environment surrounding you.

If your target picks up on the sounds early enough, it may be able to get away.

Don’t overlook the vibration reduction features when shopping for an arrow rest because it can make hunting so much easier.

Easy Installation/Adjustment

You must be able to adjust on the fly when you’re hunting. As soon as the circumstances change, you must be able to adapt to them.

What you want is an arrow rest that can be tweaked quickly. You shouldn’t have to pull out any specialized tools just to make adjustments.

Easy installation is always a plus when it comes to hunting equipment. That holds true even if installation issues are something you’ll only have to deal with once if you end up with an arrow rest you like right away.

Materials Used

Arrow rests aren’t subjected to as much wear and tear as some of the other items you have in your hunting kit, but even so, you don’t want something that falls apart soon after you buy it.

For that reason, you should prioritize looking for arrow rests that are made out of either aluminum or stainless steel. Stainless steel is better for arrow rests because it’s more durable, but aluminum may be better for you if the bow you’re using is already quite heavy.

Arrow Rest Buying FAQs

Why do you need to use an arrow rest?

Let’s get all the previously discussed answers to this question out of the way right now. You should get an arrow rest because it will help you become more accurate and it’s also useful for dampening vibrations that can startle potential targets.

Those are not the only reasons why an arrow rest can end up being useful to you though.

The arrow rest can also improve your consistency. In baseball, pitchers need to be able to repeat their deliveries in order to perform well. The same goes for hunting.

If the way you’re shooting varies from one arrow to the next, how can you be sure where it’s going the next time you pull back and fire? What the arrow rest does is effectively put you in a position where replicating your last shot becomes easier.

You don’t have to worry about things like the position of the arrow in relation to the bow or if the arrow is lined up straight because the rest will take care of those things for you. With an arrow rest connected to your bow, you can just focus on your target and nothing else.

Another reason to get an arrow rest is because it helps you with shooting angles. Trying to hold an arrow in place when you’re shooting from a tree stand is not easy. You can take that challenge off your plate by installing an arrow rest that will hold the arrow in the spot where you need it to be.

What are the types of arrow rests?

There are three basic types of arrow rests that you can purchase today.

The first type is the prong or shoot-through rest. It works by providing the user with two prongs that are positioned away from the body of the arrow rest. Your arrow is meant to go through that opening between the prongs, according to The Crossbow Store.

Prong rests are preferred by some hunters because they are very user-friendly. Even if you don’t have a lot of experience working with an arrow rest, you should be able to figure out quickly what the parts do and where your arrow needs to go.

You can fire off a bunch of arrows in quick succession using a prong rest.

Unfortunately, prong rests don’t do a great job of holding the arrow in place and the prongs can sometimes make contact with the fletching. Your accuracy may suffer with a prong rest.

Next up is the containment/cradle rest. This type of arrow rest gives users a holding or containment unit that secures the arrow. More often than not, the containment component will wrap around the shaft of the arrow.

You obviously don’t have to worry about your arrow falling if you’re using this kind of rest, but damage to the fletching may again be caused.

Manufacturers also offer items known as drop-away or fall-away rests. As their name suggests, these rests fall away as soon as you shoot the arrow. When you’re putting the rest back into position, you will have to pull on the cord that is usually attached to it.

Drop-away rests don’t touch the fletching of the arrow, so there’s no need to be concerned about possible damage. On top of that, these rests also hold arrows better than their prong counterparts.

What kind of arrow rest should be used together with an older style bow?

Not all bows will be able to work with the types of arrow rests mentioned above. The older ones in particular may not have the parts needed to pair up with the modern arrow rests.

According to Cabela’s, a standard flipper or spring rest is best for the older bows that don’t come with a center-shot cutaway riser.