5 Top Performing Archery Release: Improve Your Bow Shooting Accuracy

Man released archery

The best archery release can be a truly helpful addition to your hunting arsenal.

It may seem unnecessary and even excessive at first. The bow in its base form is already an exceptional tool for the purposes of hunting.
You pull back and fire. It can’t get any simpler than that.

While it’s certainly true that the simple mechanics of the bow are among the reasons for why it’s so great to use for hunting, there’s no denying the fact that it can be improved upon. If you can shoot better with a bow by pairing it with a specific item, it’s in your best interests as a hunter to pursue that upgrade.

This article is all about helping you find that upgrade, which in this case is the archery release. You’ll learn all about some of the top archery releases that are available now along with the factors that determine why specific items stand out.

Best Archery Release Reviews

#ImageArchery ReleasePrice
#1Tru Fire Hardcore Buckle MaximumTru Fire Hardcore Buckle Maximum$$$
#2Tru-Fire Hardcore Buckle FoldbackTru-Fire Hardcore Buckle Foldback$$$
#3Scott Archery Little Goose ReleaseScott Archery Little Goose Release$$
#4Tru-Fire Hardcore 4 Finger RevolutionTru-Fire Hardcore 4 Finger Revolution$$
#5Tru-Fire Edge 4 FingerTru-Fire Edge 4 Finger$$$

Tru Fire Hardcore Buckle Maximum

In order to get the most out of any piece of hunting equipment, you need to be comfortable using it. No matter how well it’s designed or how many features it offers, if you simply cannot get comfortable while using it, chances are that you will leave it behind the next time you go on a hunting trip.

What this Tru-Fire archery release does so well is put you in your comfort zone.

It starts with the leather strap that you wear over your wrist. Thoughtfully, the manufacturers added adjustment features that enable the release to fit you best. You can tweak the length of the release as well as the trigger travel and line them up where you want them to be.
The trigger pressure is similarly adjustable and that should come in handy if you’re starting to feel fatigued and want to make firing easier.

Once secured on your wrist, the leather strap feels comfortable and strong. There’s no need to worry about it holding up to a long day of hunting.

The release will not get in your way as it stays in place even when you’re not using it.

An issue that does pop up from time to time with this archery release is related to the locking mechanism. It doesn’t always reset and you may have to manually fix it. Lubricating the mechanism can help to clear up that issue in some cases.

  • Over 5/8” of length adjustment possible
  • Trigger travel also fully adjustable
  • Leather strap secures to the wrist well
  • Head can pivot 20 degrees either to the left or to the right
  • Locking mechanism doesn’t always reset

Tru-Fire Hardcore Buckle Foldback

The archery release is supposed to make shooting easier. It’s a hunting aid first and foremost, so getting a user-friendly variant of it is a must.

User-friendly just so happens to be the term that best describes this Tru-Fire archery release.

It features a swept-back trigger that is paired up with a hook. The trigger is very easy to activate and you should have no problem getting it to work.

The problem with the trigger, and this archery release as a whole, is that it can be noisy sometimes. Depending on where you’re hunting, the level of noise this archery release produces can either be a non-factor or enough to tip your potential target off to your general location.

You can address the noise by lubricating the release, but having to do that constantly is a bother.

Going back to the user-friendly features of this archery release, it can also spin 20 degrees either to the left or right. That feature is useful when the time comes for you to start shooting. You can also adjust the trigger travel to get it more to your liking.

Lefties can adjust this archery release so that it works better for them.

This is also the kind of archery release that you can put away easily when you’re moving around or climbing up to your tree stand.

  • Equipped with a swept-back trigger
  • Capable of moving 20 degrees to either side
  • Works just as well for left-handed hunters
  • Trigger tends to produce some noise

Scott Archery Little Goose Release

Once you get your hands on an archery release that you love, you will find yourself using it constantly during your hunts. Because of the amount of work archery releases will have to handle, durability is always going to be an important consideration when the time comes to buy one.

The nylon used throughout this archery release is remarkably durable. The material doesn’t get weathered easily and you don’t have to worry about constantly exposing it to the harsh elements outdoors.

The way the strap of this archery release wraps around your wrist is also a plus. If you’re wearing a bulky hunting jacket, you will appreciate how the wrist strap does not add any more heft to your gear.

Since it features a buckle mechanism for adjustment, noise is not a concern whenever you’re using it. There are five adjustment options possible for you, thus making it easier for you to find something comfortable.

A word of warning: Some hunters are going to find the fit of this archery release to be too snug even if it’s kept at the loosest setting. It can feel uncomfortable after a while.

Security is not an issue with this archery release as the hook is held firmly into place. The wide opening in the hook does allow for a lot of movement though.

  • Exceptionally durable thanks to the usage of high quality nylon
  • Five adjustment options possible
  • Slim profile makes it easy to wear even with larger jackets
  • Wrist strap can feel tight at times

Tru-Fire Hardcore 4 Finger Revolution

Over the course of many, many hunting trips, you will likely develop your own style and approach as a bowhunter. After realizing what that style is, you need to invest in the kind of equipment that can complement it perfectly. Catering to your personal style as a bowhunter is what the manufacturers of this Tru-Fire archery release were aiming for.

The trigger thumb included with this archery release can be adjusted to 16 different positions. You should be able to find at least one setting that is going to accommodate your preferred shooting style.

In addition to the versatile trigger thumb, the head on this release is similarly capable of adjusting to what you need. 11 ball bearings have been added in order to make it possible for the head to enjoy a full 360-degree range of movement. After getting the head of the release where you want it to be, you can lock it into place and start preparing your shot.

Remember to lock the trigger into place when you are making adjustments. Failing to do that can lead to your arrow launching ahead of time and a potential accident.

Speaking of adjustments, you can also change the thumb button to make it easier to use for either a left or right-handed shooter.
The sturdy cord also does a great job of keeping this archery release on your wrist.

  • Trigger thumb can be adjusted to 16 different positions
  • Head of the releases has 360-degree range of movement
  • Can be adjusted easily for both left and right-handed users
  • Comes with a sturdy cord
  • You may misfire a few times while getting used to this release

Tru-Fire Edge 4 Finger

This next product is an archery release, but it will fit you as well as a glove. The manufacturers of this archery release clearly prioritized making it as comfortable as possible for hunters.

That becomes evident the moment you catch a glimpse of this archery release’s frame. You are given grooves to slide your fingers into, thus making it easier to maintain a solid grip as you’re preparing to fire.

Having a sturdy aluminum frame also works well for this archery release because you want to have that something solid to grip as you’re aiming. It’s an easier archery release to work with because of that.

Another user-friendly feature that deserves to be highlighted is the fact that the head of this archery release has full 360-degree range of movement. You can rotate the head of the release to the spot where you want it to be so that you can the best shot possible.

The manufacturers included an adjustable trigger travel for added comfort. You can also make use of the thumb button to configure this archery release. That feature allows this item to work for both left and right-handed archers.

Be careful when you’re using this archery release though because it does have a tendency to produce a lot of noise. Try to take your time when using this archery release to avoid making a disruptive amount of noise.

  • Fits comfortably inside the palm of your hand
  • Features a solid aluminum frame
  • Capable of 360-degree movement
  • Usable for both left and right-handed archers
  • Can be noisy

Archery Release Buying Guide

How can you tell if an archery release is worth getting? The factors mentioned below should help you identify the archery release that’s best for you.


If you’re lucky, you will find numerous targets to choose from during your hunting trip. You will probably go through all the arrows in your quiver within the first two hours of your hunting trip in that scenario.

If you’re not so lucky, you may end up having to spend numerous outdoors in the cold outdoors waiting for any viable target to stride into view. Your body may grow tired from waiting and by the time a target does show up, you may struggle to hit it.

In either case, you can benefit from having a piece of hunting equipment that can make it easier for you to both fire off arrows in quick succession and shoot even if your hand has not been on the bow for a while.

Those are just some of the reasons why it’s important to have a comfortable archery release on your bow.

Also, you don’t want to constantly remove and wear your archery release while you’re out hunting, so make sure that whichever wrist strap or cord the item offers is comfortable as well.

Adjustment Options

Manufacturers produce archery releases that are designed to fit the largest number of potential users and of course they should do that. They’re trying to sell products after all.

The issue with that is that if your hands are significantly smaller or larger than average or perhaps you have some injuries, holding the release like everyone else would may not necessarily work for you. That doesn’t mean that you need to settle for ill-fitting archery releases however.

More and more of the archery releases making it to the market today are outfitted with features designed to make them customizable. If the original settings are not to your liking, those features should be able to change that.

The adjustment-focused features are important not just for getting the archery release to your liking. They can also improve your accuracy as they will help you position the arrow better.

Materials Used

The materials used in archery releases vary depending on what type you’re using.

In wrist-strap releases, you have to check out what kind of material the strap itself is made out of as well as the trigger.

For the straps, many manufacturers often turn to leather. Leather is a fine choice, but it can wear down quickly after continuous exposure to the elements. Nylon is more durable and it handles moisture and heat better as well.

Materials like steel and aluminum are often used for the triggers and for the entire bodies of handheld releases. Since archery releases are already quite small, you don’t have to worry about the weight steel adds. Go ahead and look for an archery release that makes use of steel because that strength will prove crucial when you are trying to hold your shot.

It’s best to go with the archery releases that are made out of the most durable materials considering how often you’ll be using them.

Bow Release Buying FAQs

What are the benefits of using an archery release?

On its face, the idea of using an archery release may seem kind of silly, especially to an experienced bowhunter.

How hard can it be to pull on the string of a bow? Why do you need something that can make doing that easier?

As with any piece of smartly designed equipment, the idea behind the creation of an archery release is to make things easier for people. You can be a better hunter with an archery release attached to your weapon of choice.

The first way in which an archery release can help you out is by simply making shooting more comfortable. Constantly having to curl your fingers as you’re drawing back on the string of the bow will become tiring even after just a short period of time.

The archery release absorbs the stress that would have otherwise been placed on your fingers and you, in turn, can relax your hand more. Being able to relax and just stretch your hands out more is particularly important when you are hunting in cold weather locations. Instead of your fingers freezing up on you when the time comes to take a shot, your hands can stay loose and ready at all times.

A good archery release can also improve the power of your shot.

As pointed out by Outdoor Troop, human fingers are not optimally designed for bows. The fingers don’t transfer energy well and that leads to a significant amount of power missing from shots.

In stark contrast, the archery releases are designed specifically for the purposes of fitting well on a bow string. They allow for a smoother transfer of energy and thus effectively increase the power of the shots you’re taking.

The best archery releases will also help you greatly improve your accuracy.

If you’re just using your fingers to pull back on the string, there’s no guarantee that you’re placing them in the same optimal position at all times. You may take a really good shot one time and then fire one off that strays far away from the mark the next.

By using an archery release, you can be more consistent and accurate with the shots you’re taking.

What are the different types of archery releases?

Most of the archery releases you’ll see today are considered as mechanical releases. According to Archery 360, the mechanical archery releases rely on a mechanical trigger system that moves the string of the bow.

The mechanical archery releases are valued for how much they can improve your shot. They are also comfortable to work with more often than not.

Beneath the larger category of mechanical archery releases are two subclasses – the wrist-strap and handheld releases.

Wrist-strap releases will usually come with either a buckle mechanism or Velcro strips so that you can wear them easily. These releases are very convenient to work with as you can keep them on your wrist and just pull up the trigger whenever you are going to shoot.

Handheld archery releases can be classified into the hinge and trigger-style variants.

Hinge-style releases are harder to use for beginners since they require an advanced feel that can only be developed over numerous hunts. To activate them, you will have to rotate the release to a specific point. Once it hits that point, the arrow will be released.

Trigger-style releases are simpler to use. They will typically require users to activate the trigger by pressing it with their thumb.
Handheld archery releases also vary in terms of how many fingers you will have to use to grip them. The options available include two, three, and four-finger releases.

You can also get the finger-release aids instead of the mechanical archery releases, though they may not offer as much assistance.